2014-2015 Soka Loan Entrance Counseling Form

Please read this important information before beginning your Soka Loan Entrance Counseling form.  Use Google Chrome to complete this form.

After you have completed the form and submitted it to the Office of Financial Aid, you will receive an email about the Soka Loan Entrance Counseling Workshop.

Personal Information:  

DO NOT use your SUA E-Mail Address​​​​​​​​

Borrow Only What You Need

You must repay the full amount of your Soka loans, even if you:

  • Don't complete your program of study.
  • Can't find employment after graduation.
  • Aren't satisfied with or didn't receive the education or other services that you paid for with your federal student loans.

Control how much you borrow:

  • Borrow as a last resort and only borrow what you need.
  • You don't have to borrow the maximum amount of Soka Loans each year; you can request a lower amount through your financial aid office.

Watch this video on "Responsible Borrowing."

Rights & Responsibilities of the Borrower

Please read your "Rights and Responsibilities" with your Master Promissory Note for details.

You are obligated to promptly notify SUA of any changes to your name, mailing address, email address, or phone numbers.

Master Promissory Note is a binding legal document that you must sign before you receive a Soka Loan. 

Information About Your Soka Loan

Read the information below.   There will be a quiz at the end of this form.

Soka Loan is money you borrow directly from Soka University of America and you must repay with interest.  

Interest is what it cost to borrow money.  Soka Loan has a fixed interest rate.  2014-2015 interest rate is 4.0%

Grace Period: You will receive a 6-month grace period on repayment of each Soka Loan that you receive. Your 6-month grace period begins the day after you graduate, drop below half-time enrollment or withdrawal from the university. You do not have to begin making payments on your loan until after your grace period ends.

Standard Loan Repayment: Fixed payment of at least $50 per month.  Standard repayment period is 10 years.

Loan Deferment:

You may receive a deferment while you are:

• Enrolled at least half-time at an eligible school;

• A volunteer in Peace Corps;

• A full time member/officer of U.S. Armed Force or in the U.S. Public Health Service;

• Graduate/Fellowship

In order to receive a deferment, you must submit a “Deferment Request Form” with supporting documentation to your loan servicer.

Early Repayment: You may prepay all or part of your Soka loan(s) at any time without a penalty.

Loan Servicer

Your loan servicer is Educational Computer Systems, Incorporated (ECSI). You should contact ECSI when you have questions about your loan, repayment options, change your name, email, address, or phone number.  You will send your loan repayments to ECSI, but the check should be made out to: Soka University of America.

If you do not receive a billing statement, you must contact ECSI or log in to your ECSI account for your loan information. 


You Soka Loan will become delinquent the first day after you miss a payment.  A hold will be placed on any delinquent Soka Loans. A hold will prevent the you from registering and receiving all services from SUA including release of transcript, grades, and alumni services. 

You loan account will be placed with a collection agency when loan payments are not made and contact with the payee could not be established. Delinquent loans will be reported to credit bureaus and borrowers will be responsible for any collection costs including but not limited to agency fees, attorney's fees, court costs, and other fees relating to collection of the loan.                

Mandatory Quiz

2014-2015 Soka Loan - Entrance Counseling Form

Review and Print this form to sign when you receive your email confirmation.

Affidavit of Understanding

Please write your initials for each sentence to acknowledge that you understand each statement.

_____ I understand that I am obligated to repay my loan(s) even if I do not complete the program, am unable to obtain employment or am otherwise dissatisfied with the education or other services received.

_____ My loan may be subject to late fees if payments are past due.

_____ I must repay my loan(s) with all accrued interest.

_____ I have a maximum of ten (10) years to repay my loan(s).

_____ I may prepay all or part of my loan(s) without penalty at any time.

_____ The minimum monthly payment for my loan(s) is $50.00, but can be more depending on the amount borrowed.

_____ Loan repayment begins on the day immediately following the 6-month grace period.

_____ I understand that I may be eligible to defer, postpone and/or cancel payment of my loan.

_____ If I qualify or am eligible for a deferment, I must contact ECSI to apply.

_____ If I do not qualify for a deferment, and am unable to make payment, I may request forbearance from SUA. Forbearance is an option; it is not a student entitlement.

_____ I must make monthly payments on my loan after my grace period end, unless I have a deferment or forbearance.

_____ If I fail to repay my SUA loan(s), I will be considered in default and the following may result:

  • The entire amount, including interest, may become due and payable immediately.
  • I will be ineligible to receive any additional loans if I return to SUA.
  • I will be reported to the credit bureaus.

_____ If I have any questions or concerns, I will contact the Office of Financial Aid.

_____ I must notify Soka University of America in writing within 10 days if I:

  • Change my name, address or phone number
  • Change my graduation date
  • Drop below half-time enrollment
  • Transfer to another school

_____ I acknowledge that I have read and understand the required Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note, and have received information regarding my rights and responsibilities for my Soka Loan(s).


I, the borrower, certify that the information contained in these forms is true, complete, and correct. I hereby authorize in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. 552a) release of this information to Federal Agencies, contractors which assist the Federal Government in the administration of the programs consumer reporting agencies debt collection bureaus, and other private and public parties.


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